Aniset Anti-Kink® IV Set

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Length 2.45 metres.

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2.45 metre length. Anti-kink IV administration set designed specifically for veterinary use.


IMPORTANT – Place the tubing above the first injection port into the pump as this is the section of tube engineered to fit within the pump.

Aniset Anti-Kink® provides superior benefits to the animal patient and practice throughout the infusion.

Aniset Anti-Kink® is available in a variety of designs and configurations to best suit the dynamics and therapeutic treatments of your practice and the equipment you use.

It is always advisable to invert injection ports as the fluid is about to fill this part of the tubing, this forces dead-space air from the line.


  • Proximal: sharp vented 3 channel spike – Facilitates patent channel to enable smooth and non-competitive exchange of fluid and air within the closed delivery system providing accurate flow rates.
  • Flip-covered bacterial air vent above soft compressible clear drip chamber, only open when using non-collapsible fluid containers – Permits set use on both collapsible fluid bags or rigid, non-collapsible containers.
  • 15 micron particle filter within the drip chamber – Prevents foreign bodies or crystallised fluids from passing into the fluid line.
  • V-bed roller clamp – Offers precise and dependable flow control during infusion.
  • Parking slot on roller clamp (distal tube) – Holds tubing prior to connecting to the patient, removes the risk of contaminating distal end while accessories are connected.
  • Blue C-Clamp – For quick ‘on/off’ fluid release.
  • Proximal Y-Style latex-free injection port with finger guard – Reduces needle stick injuries.
  • Distal Y-Style latex-free injection port – Close enough for induction or euthanasia.
  • Break point with extension tube with luer spin lock connector and slide clamp – Enables you to disconnect from the primary, proximal portion of the IV line - ideal when the patient needs walking – Provides break in circuit to include additional lines, spiral tubing, valves or fluids.
  • Distal: Luer Lock connector with rotating spin lock attachment – Allows to move proximally if not required -Secures additional equipment such as Aniset™ T-Connector or Anicath™ cannulae to the line.
  • Fluid priming cap – Allows the set to be primed expelling all the air bubbles without losing any fluid keeping the treatment area and patient clean and dry.

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