Short-Dated Product Offers

Anicath Xtra


Fluid Therapy • IV Cannulae • Short-Dated Product Offers

Anicath™ Xtra. Short-dated - Expiry 28/01/23.

Ani Set UV Da F Pediatric


Fluid Therapy • All IV Administration Sets • UV Safe IV Administration Sets Needle-Free • Short-Dated Product Offers

Aniset™ UV Needle-Free Paediatric Dial-A-Flow. Short-Dated - Expiry 28/12/22.



Surgical Consumables • Obstetric Lubricants • Short-Dated Product Offers

Examilube™. Short-Dated - Expiry 28/02/23.

Kittycath catheters


Fluid Collection & Drainage • Urinary Cat Catheter • Short-Dated Product Offers

Kitty Cath™ Short-Term Urinary Cat Catheter. Short-dated - Expiry 28/09/22.

Norm prozorb canine


Nutraceuticals & Over The Counter Products (OTC) • Colostrum & Probiotics • Short-Dated Product Offers

Norm-Prozorb™. Short-Dated - Expiry 28/10/22

Poultex selection cut out


Wound Dressings • Poultex Poultice • Short-Dated Product Offers

Poultex® Dressing Pad 20cm x 40cm. Short-Dated - Expiry 18/12/22.

VL04950 Vet Lubigel Blue


Surgical Consumables • Obstetric Lubricants • Short-Dated Product Offers

Vet Lubigel™ Blue. Short-dated - Expiry 28/02/23.

VB08259 Vetcide sprayhead


Surgical Consumables • Hygiene & Waste Disposal • Short-Dated Product Offers

Vet-Cide™ Spray Head. Short-dated - Expiry 28/02/22.

W Tape

Bandages • Adhesive Tapes • Pet Owner Products • Short-Dated Product Offers

W-Tape™ 5cm. Short-dated - Expiry 28/01/23.

Zorbo G Padding

Gauzes Swabs & Cotton Wools • Swabs & Gauze • Short-Dated Product Offers

Zorbo-G-Padding™. Short-dated - Expiry 28/01/23.

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