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Take a look through our wide range of supplements from joint care to probiotics, skincare to oral health.

Vet Sect Repel
Zn7 Packaging 2023


Soothe itching and other irritations with Zn7™and get a healthy coat with Vet-Sect Repel™

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Nutritional Supplements

Uri-Balance as a supplemental source of Methionine and Vetcal-Progel to increase calorie intake.

Vetcal Progel 600 x 600
Uri Balance 600 x 600

Pre and Pro-Biotic Products

Supplements to provide readily available sources of energy or to maintain normal gut function.

Vitamin E Capsules 600 x 600
Vetamin Zinc 600 x 600

Vitamins & Minerals

Can be helpful in maintaining good all round health for the animals in your care.


Veterinary Licensed Products

Prednisolone and Furosemide available to vets. We have the only vet licensed 20mg Furosemide available.

Licensed Pharmaceuticals Prednisolone Furosemide
Licensed Pharmaceuticals Prednisolone Furosemide

Peace of Mind for the Veterinary Professional

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