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High Performance Cohesive Bandages. 5 metres long (stretched).

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Wrapz™ is now Rapz Eazy Tear®. Same great bandage, slightly different name.

Available in our Rapz Eazy Tear® Stack Offer

SAFETY BANDAGE (contains latex)
This is the perfect bandage to identify patients who have indwelling IV cannulae in situ or are recently out of surgery. The warning pattern alerts medical staff that the patient is in recovery and is not to be sent home.

Sticks only to itself - not to skin, fur, feathers or hair!

With all the same high-quality construction and performance of Original Rapz Eazy Tear®, printed bandage rolls are reverse-wound to ensure correct application to your patient. Rapz Eazy Tear® prints are available in a wide and popular variety of themed characters or styles.

The addition of the bad-tasting ‘Chewy NoNo’ flavour deters biting, chewing and licking of the bandage.

Rapz Eazy Tear® Alert! is available in 2.5cm (1”) 5cm (2”) widths.


  • Starter tab on all varieties - Easy to locate the start of the roll.
  • More usable length at recommended 50% stretch during application - More bandage for your money!
  • Superbly flexible and shape conforming - Ideal for awkward joint areas.
  • Sterilisable - Ideal for orthopaedic procedures.
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns - A lot more choice for you and your clients!
  • Designed to provide measured compression to limbs and joints whilst maintaining non-slip support. Provides a controlled amount of sub bandage pressure providing a more consistent level of support.
  • When applied, correctly provides excellent elastic return pressure - Lowers the risk of compromising circulation.
  • Water resistant – maintaining structure even when wet.
  • Reverse wound – Ensures correct application.

Rapz Eazy Tear® STACK OFFER!

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