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Rapz Eazy Tear® Stack Offer

Buy packs of 12, 24, 36 rolls of Rapz Eazy Tear® at special discounted prices using the Stack Offer!

Mix & Match
plain colours, patterns, prints and sizes!

A Rapz Eazy Tear® Stack is made up using cartons of 12 bandages* in any combination of sizes that add up to a height of 30cm, 60cm or 120cm.

For a 30cm stack you could have six boxes of 5cm Rapz Eazy Tear® and this would work out at 6 x 5 = 30. Alternatively, you could have one 5cm, two 7.5cm and one 10cm. This adds up again to 30cm. Mix and match colours and prints.

For even greater savings you can choose to have a 60cm stack. Once again mix & match and choose any combination of sizes but this time make the total 60cm. eg. two 5cm, four 7.5cm and two 10cm = 60cm

Save up to 30% by creating a 120cm Stack. You could make the stack total 120cm by combining seven 5cm, six 7.5cm and four 10cm. Just like the other stacks, choose any colour or print.


The stack offer discounts are applied at checkout. Excludes short-dated stock.

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