Aniset™ Transfusion Blood Giving Set

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Our blood specific Aniset™ Anti-Kink Giving Set is the perfect addition to your practice for accurately delivering blood.

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Specifically designed for veterinary use, the Millpledge Aniset™ Transfusion set features narrow bore tubing which offers a low priming volume and is fully compatible with the Anifusion® IV pump.

The tubing below the injection port is Anti-kink, helps prevent occlusions, providing superior benefits to your patient and practice throughout the infusion.

2.6m length 20 drops/ml

IMPORTANT – Place the tubing above the injection port into the pump as this is the section of tube engineered to fit within the pump.


  • 20 drop/ml chamber with 200- micron filter – Helps filter out particulate matter.
  • Distal: Luer Lock connector with rotating spin lock attachment – Allows to move proximally if not required. Secures additional equipment such as Aniset™ T-Connector or Anicath™ IV Cannula to the line.
  • In-line Y-port injection site – Can be used for sampling.
  • V bed precise flow control roller clamp, with parking slot - Offers precise and dependable flow control during infusion. Holds tubing prior to connecting to the patient, removes the risk of contaminating distal end while accessories are connected.
  • Blue C-Clamp – For quick ‘on/off’ fluid release.
  • Priming cap – Allows the set to be primed expelling all the air bubbles without losing any fluid. Keeps the treatment area and the patient clean and dry.

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