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Rich in colostrum and probiotics, Kittystim™ is a complementary feed formulated to stimulate small, malnourished, weak and underweight newborn kittens.

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Kittystim™ is a unique probiotic and colostrum rich nutritional supplement providing a readily available energy source to stimulate small, weak, underweight newborn or failing kittens.

Available in a 15ml dial syringe that allows you to control the amount given at one time.

Individually boxed.

  • KITTYSTIM™ can be used in cases of kittens that are failing to thrive. This is usually established within 2-3 days of birth. The kitten may not be as active, or feeding as well as littermates.
  • It can also be used in kittens when the Queen has died during birth. In this case, it should be used alongside preparatory kitten milk as part of the hand-rearing protocol. Use as for newborn.
  • Could be used in kittens that have been abandoned.
  • Useful in kittens that have been delivered by caesarean section to give them an initial kick-start as the Queen will be recovering from general anaesthetic, and there may be a delay in suckling which could lead to a delay in access to colostrum.
  • Ideal for breeders.


  • Presented as a palatable oral paste – for easy administration.
  • Contains an approved probiotic for use in cats & dogs – may help to colonise the gut and exclude overgrowth of potential pathogenic bacteria.
  • Has a complex vitamin package and essential mineral Iron in a bio-available form – may improve a kitten’s early condition and resistance to stress.
  • Adjustable ring on syringe piston with 1ml graduations – offering accurate feeding amounts.
  • Provides supplementary or replacement colostrum as required – Immunoglobulins contained within the colostrum are major components of the adaptive immune system and their inclusion helps reduce the risk of the animal contracting infectious diseases.

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