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Discover eco-friendly drape sheets for veterinary professionals at Millpledge Veterinary.

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Our surgical drapes are meticulously crafted from a cutting-edge blend of cellulose and synthetic fibres, setting new standards in sterilisable medical and surgical fabric.

This revolutionary technology delivers a non-woven, high-performance material, excelling in tear strength, texture, softness, bulk, liquid repellence, and minimal linting.

Perfect for operating theatre applications, including patient drapes, equipment covers, and instrument wrapping, our medical drapes offer an impenetrable barrier and unmatched durability for your veterinary needs.

1m x 1m - Pack of 10 sheets


  • High Tensile and Durability Strength – Resistant to tearing
  • Outstanding Barrier Performance – Highly efficient and proven against both air and fluid-borne bacteria during use and storage.
  • Exceptional Fluid and Alcohol Repellence – Surface absorbency avoids immediate ‘run off’, yet excellent wetting resistance to fluid penetration prevents ‘strike through’.
  • Sterilisable by all known methods – The construction allows complete penetration by steam, ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation.
  • Soft and Comfortable – Conforms easily around all body contours.

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