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Millpledge Veterinary's Eco Drape - strength, durability, and fluid resistance for surgical procedures.

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Eco Drape – conforms, protects and repels. High-performance surgical drape for veterinary procedures.

Strength and Durability: Eco Drape offers an ideal combination of both dry and wet burst tensile strength to allow for use as a patient drape in longer surgical procedures and in more demanding equipment, tray or instrument wrapping applications.

High Fluid and Alcohol Repellency: High-performance surface absorbency to prevent immediate run-off and excellent wetting resistance against fluid penetration, our Eco Drape ensures zero 'strike through.'

Sterilisable by All Known Methods: You can trust Eco Drape for sterilisation. It allows complete penetration by steam, ethylene oxide, and gamma irradiation, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Softness and Comfort: Eco Drape is designed for comfort. Its anti-glare soft blue colour, soft texture, and ease of handling provide a drapable and comfortable touch. It allows the patient's body to 'breathe' while maintaining an effective barrier.

Safety and Purity: Eco Drape is non-toxic, non-irritant, virtually lint-free, and flame-resistant, ensuring your peace of mind during use. It's biodegradable and disposable by incineration. Stringent process control and batch traceability in production guarantee purity.

Barrier Performance: The controlled pore size and frequency create a high efficiency proven barrier performance against both air and fluid-borne bacteria during use and storage.

60cm x 10m.


  • High Tensile and Durability Strength – Resistant to tearing
  • Outstanding Barrier Performance – Highly efficient and proven against both air and fluid-borne bacteria during use and storage.
  • Exceptional Fluid and Alcohol Repellence – Surface absorbency avoids immediate ‘run off’, yet excellent wetting resistance to fluid penetration prevents ‘strike through’.
  • Sterilisable by all known methods – The construction allows complete penetration by steam, ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation.
  • Soft and Comfortable – Conforms easily around all body contours.

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