ZN7™ Skincare Topical Gel

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Topical skincare gel for all pets. 60ml.

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Zn7™ Gel is indicated for topical use as an aid in the management of superficial abrasions, sores, rawness and other skin conditions. Zn7™ Gel can be used to soothe itching and other irritations and reduce excessive licking or scratching. A natural adjunct to steroids and antibiotics.


  • Soothes and relieves itching and soreness – More comfort for you patient.
  • Reduces excessive licking and scratching – Aids healing process.
  • May be used independently or alongside conventional prescribed products – Can be used as an adjunct to steroids and antibiotics.
  • Promotes a healthy skin – does not leave the skin dry, flaky or oily.
  • Tissue friendly PH – No Sting.
  • Gel formulation – instantly cools on contact.

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