Vet-sect Repel™

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Enhanced coat conditioning shampoo with natural ingredients and residual insect repellent activity.

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A pale cream animal shampoo, elegantly and economically presented in a 200ml, easy-to-handle 'squeeze to apply' container.

Perfect for small furries

For bathing animals, a ‘pearlised’ shampoo, specially formulated to give residual insect repellent activity and coat conditioning.
Contains natural ingredients with residual insect repellent activity.

What our customers say:

The following testimonial comes from Yvette Greasley who has extensive knowledge on the care and welfare of Guinea pigs and has used Vet Sect Repel™ on a regular basis.

"Vet-Sect Repel™ is excellent. An ideal option to help prevent problems from developing, without the risk of causing adverse reactions in guinea pigs, which have very delicate skin and systems and are unable to tolerate many medications or treatments. It is a very valuable standby which should be in every GP owner's first aid kit. It is also very useful for periodical and occasional bathing purposes. Plus it is safe for the owners when using / applying the product to their pet(s)."


  • A ‘pearlised’ shampoo, specially formulated to give residual insect repellent activity and coat conditioning, for bathing animals.
  • Contains natural terpineols, oils of lemon grass and cedarwood for antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-fungal, miticidal and larvicidal properties, with residual insect repellent activity.
  • Softeners and added Lecithin conditioners to give coat extra body and lustre.
  • Odour suppressing, with a long-lasting fresh smell.

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