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v-gel® Advanced can safely gain a sealed airway when putting Rabbits under anaesthesia. It’s suitable for all rabbits including brachycephalics.

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Anaesthesia – safer with v-gel®

V-GEL® advanced has been researched and developed specifically for veterinary use to establish a highly efficient and effective airway for general anaesthesia and emergency resuscitation purposes, without the need for use of endotracheal intubation which is a cause of much airway related morbidity and mortality issues.

V-GEL® advanced is shaped to mirror the pharyngeal airway anatomical structures for each species of animal. This, combined with the use of a super-soft gel-like material provides a high quality and trauma-free pressure seal, with the ability to obtain a clear airway quickly, easily and accurately.

Supraglottic Airway Devices (SGADs) are widely used during human anaesthesia and resuscitation. An SGAD is an alternative to an endotracheal tube, used to deliver anaesthetic gases and/or oxygen to anaesthetised patients. Designed to sit in the pharynx, they avoid many of the problems caused by ET tubes such as laryngeal and tracheal trauma. They are also quick and easy to place and are useful for emergency resuscitation. v-gel® devices are the first veterinary species-specific SGADs, currently used all over the world in cats and rabbits.

v-gel® devices are suitable for a wide variety of procedures, including dental work.

They are fully recyclable too!

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  • Anatomical matching features combined with a soft material – Provides a high quality pressure seal.
  • Suited to ventilated as well as spontaneously breathing patients – Safer anaesthesia for all situations.
  • Avoids laryngeal and tracheal trauma – Safer anaesthetics and comfortable patient recoveries.
  • Fast, easy, safe – Stress-free insertions.
  • No post-operative coughing or gagging – Due to the fact no trauma caused to patient.
  • Low airway resistance – Due to the large airway channel within the device.
  • High quality pressure seal – Restricts leakage of volatile anaesthetic agents, thus improving health and safety for staff.
  • Tip inserts into the upper oesophagus – Helps prevent and manage regurgitation of stomach contents.
  • Remove protective cover before use.

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V-GEL® Advanced Rabbit

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