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Uri-Balance™ lowers the pH level in your pet’s urine and in turn kills the bad bacteria that thrive in a stable and neutral pH level environment.

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Uri-Balance™ is a highly palatable urinary acidifier for cats and dogs. Each teaspoon of Uri-Balance™ contains 480mg of dl methionine, recognised as an aid to maintaining an acidic urine in cats and dogs.

Uri-Balance™ supports proper urinary tract health when dietary changes are impractical, as with multiple pet households or refusal by finicky eaters. It is specifically formulated to appeal to cats in an easy-to-administer gel.

Many types of bacteria require a stable and relatively neutral pH level in order to survive, therefore, when you lower the pH in your pet’s urine, many bacteria are killed as they can no longer thrive as the urine flows normally through the urinary tract. This normal cleansing naturally eliminates the bacteria and the infection without having to resort to specific antibacterial drugs.

Uri-Balance™ should not be administered to animals with liver or kidney disease. Not for use with other urinary acidifying diets. Not intended for pregnant or nursing animals. Not for use in animals less than 1 year of age. Large amounts of Uri-Balance™ may cause gastrointestinal upset when fed on an empty stomach. If in doubt, always consult your veterinary surgeon.


  • Maintains acidic urine pH levels in cats and dogs.
  • dl Methionine 480 mg/tsp.
  • Easy to administer gel.
  • Highly palatable.

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