Aniflow™ Inline Burette

Fluid Therapy • Infusion Accessories

150ml In-line Burette.

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Aniflow™ is used to measure and control volumes of IV fluids being given intermittently to animals in-line with standard IV administration sets or devices.


  • Sharp vented piercing spike – Easy penetration and simple piercing of suspended fluid containers.
  • Flip covered bacterial air vent on spike – Permits use on both collapsible and non-collapsible containers (only open vent when using non-collapsible fluid containers).
  • V-bed roller clamp – Offers precise and dependable flow control during infusion.
  • Parking slot on roller clamp (distal tube) – Holds tubing prior to connecting to the patient, removes the risk of contaminating distal end while accessories are connected.
  • Clearly marked Burette Chamber with 1ml graduations – For accurate reading.
  • Latex injection port – Allows for supplementary medication to be administered directly into the burette chamber.
  • Blue capped air priming filter vent on the top of burette chamber – Open to prime chamber and close as soon as priming level is achieved.
  • Automatic red shut-off float disc – Helps prevent air embolisms. Also allows for accurate visual readings of fluid volumes within the burette chamber.
  • Distal tubing beneath burette chamber – Connect IV Set into this tubing.
  • C-Clamp – For quick ‘on/off’ fluid release.

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