Allevyn Non-Adhesive Foam Dressings

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A sterile antimicrobial foam dressing with triple action technology offering high absorbency and customisation to create a moist healing environment.

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Allevyn Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing goes beyond basic protection by offering superior absorbency for excess fluids. It creates a wound environment conducive to healing and minimises pain thanks to its non-adherent design.

As an ideal wound dressing should be, Allevyn excels in both absorbency and comfort. Its softness, conformability, and padding provide exceptional relief, especially beneficial for elderly patients or animals with prominent bones. Furthermore, Allevyn's versatility makes it suitable for various situations, including scenarios requiring multiple or long-term bandaging.

The Allevyn dressing is a sterile, highly absorbent option for managing moderate wound exudate. This antimicrobial dressing features a unique triple-layer technology that effectively manages fluids and creates a moist healing environment, even for compromised skin. Additionally, its non-adherent design allows for easy application and removal while offering the versatility to be cut to size for a customised fit.

Available in a pack of 10.


  • Sterile foam dressing.
  • Highly breathable top film helps to minimise the risk of maceration to the wound and peri-wound.
  • Non-adherent dressing contact layer means the dressing is suitable for use on fragile and sensitive skin.
  • Soft and comfortable for the patient.
  • Conformable to challenging body areas.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Provides an effective barrier function to exogenous bacteria as well as helping to prevent fluid and bacterial strikethrough.
  • Suitable for use under compression bandaging.

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