Millpack™ The Ultimate All-In-One Sterilisation Pouch

New and improved Millpack™ now has a built-in Sterility Test Strip (STS) so you’ll never have to look for a box of TST strips again!

Each Millpack™ is made from a combination of paper and a proprietary blend of polypropylene.

Wide range of sizes for the utmost convenience for handling instruments, drapes, swabs, dressings or surgical procedure packs etc. during autoclaving. Presented in packs of 200 pouches.

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About Sterilisation.

When using Millpack autoclave pouches, we are often asked how long the contents will remain sterile.
It is acknowledged that autoclaved medical instruments have an indefinite shelf life and will remain sterile, unless they become contaminated due to an external event, such as torn or wet packaging.

This concept has been supported by various studies - either a date-related or an event-related policy should be chosen to manage the process.

It is recommended to have a written policy so that the shelf-life of packaged sterile items can be addressed based on the amount of handling conditions during transport, quality of the wrapped material, and storage conditions. Care needs to be taken during the processing of autoclaved instruments so that contamination of the instruments can be avoided during storage. To preserve the package, the instruments should be stored properly. Before using, the dryness and integrity of packages should be ensured by examining them.

It is suggested to re-sterilise (using a new bag) every 3/6 months depending on the handling of the packages.

Millpack Step1

Fill in the content details.

Millpack Step2

Detach the Sterility Test Strip and place inside the pouch.

Millpack Step3

Add contents to be sterilised. The STS should be placed within kits, drapes and swabs.

Millpack Step4

Remove release paper and seal bag.

Millpacks Range 600 x 600

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