Promodulate™ Dog and Cat 50g Pot. Short-dated - expiry 31/12/24.

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A concentrated source of Probiotic & targeted Prebiotic to help maintain normal gut function in Dogs & Cats. Also contains a source of essential electrolyte salts and vitamin complex. Short-dated item - batch expiry 31/12/24.

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A concentrated source of Probiotic and targeted Prebiotic to maintain normal gut function in Dogs and Cats. Also contains a source of essential electrolyte salts and vitamin complex.

The dogs and cats in your care are faced with ever-changing environments from moving home, new family members, travelling, or that spook during the morning walk, injury, illnesses, disease and resulting medicinal treatment. Over the years, animals establish routines and habits including dietary, which if all or any are disrupted contributes to an imbalance in gut flora, fluid and electrolyte balance and the ability to maintain normal gut motility and general health.

Dogs and Cats typically experience excessive loss of fluid with digestive upset, and with this, the loss of essential electrolytes. Promodulate™ contains a measured source of electrolytes maintaining the isotonic fluid balance and electrolyte level.

A complex source of vitamins is provided to maintain the normal feed conversion ability of the gut to absorb and bind nutrients present in the diet. This can help maintain a healthy and active animal with a normal appetite.


  • Targeted and approved for use in Dogs and Cats.

  • A highly palatable and effective microflora.
  • Approved Probiotic Enterococcus Faecium SF68 NCIMB 10415.
  • Advanced symbiotic approach of Pro & Prebiotic combination towards normal gut health.
  • Targeted Prebiotic utilised only in the hind gut.
  • Vitamin & Electrolyte replacement to combat losses during digestive tract upset.
  • Suitable for pregnant or lactating animals.
  • Returns normal digestive function and transit time.
  • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.
  • Maintains medicinal titre during use.
  • Maintains immune response in newborns as well as in the later stages of life
  • Maintains competitive exclusion of bad bacteria.
  • Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • Source of vitamin complex.
  • Can be used alongside Antibiotic Therapy

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