Odorcide™ 2000

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500ml Spray Odour Eliminator

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Ready-to-use spray

For odours arising after accidental soilage and immediate air-borne odours.

For proven and cost-effective activity against odours arising from urine, faeces, hormonal sprays, decayed organic matter, emesis, moulds and mildews imbedded in or on fabrics (carpeting, furnishings, clothing etc), floors, walls and work surfaces.

Odorcide works differently from, and goes well beyond the action of available bactericide, enzyme, oxidiser and masking odour treatments.

On physical contact, Odorcide permanently neutralises the odours arising from Amines, Hormones, Organic acids and metabolites, Mercaptans (thiois) Indoles, Skatoles and Phenols.


  • Absorption - Physical uptake of the odour substances into the structure of one or more components.
  • Bonding (chemisorption) - Components that take up and chemically bind odours to their molecular surfaces.
  • Counteraction - Produces pairing odours (Zwaardmaker conjugates) that neutralise smell perception of one another by neutralisation or re-odourising.
  • Inhibitors - To control odours that can be caused by further biological organic decomposition (putrifaction).
  • Residuals - These re-activate after initial application to combat and prevent new odours from any new deposits or sources.
  • Odorcide, unlike enzyme products, is fully compatible with detergents and germicides (except chlorine bleaches), and works at any temperature, and eliminates odours that remain and continue to emerge after application of germicides.

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