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Foalstim is a Colostrum and Probiotic nutritional supplement to help with newborn foals that are weak or underweight.

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For newborn foals that are weak, underweight, failing to suckle or initially thrive.

A unique colostrum and prebiotic (FOS – Fructooligosaccharides) nutritional supplement, as an oral paste, presented in a ready-to-administer single-use 20ml oral syringe.


  • Immediate energy supply, within 2 hours from quickly absorbed glucides, and then further over 6 hours from medium chain fatty acids.
  • A Colostrum content of 5% for supporting the passive immune system and additional energy needed for the first 24-36 hours of a foal’s life.
  • A complex package of fat and water-soluble vitamin groups complemented with essential mineral iron (in immediate bioavailable form); all improving the foal’s early nutritional condition and supporting the natural resistance to disease and stress.
  • A combined blend of special plant extracts with stimulating effects on nervous centres; Eleutherococcus and Fenugreek, together maintaining the foal’s natural resistance with appetite stimulation.

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