Aniset™ L/A IV set 2 & 4 Spike

Large Animal IV Fluid Administration Set

  • ANISET L/A 2 SPIKE™ - with two tube, clamp and insertion spike fluid delivery assemblies, for attaching two IV. fluid containers at a time.
  • ANISET L/A 4 SPIKE™ - with 4 tube, clamp and insertion spike fluid delivery assemblies, for attaching four IV. fluid containers at a time.
  • Each set allowing for high volume or long period IV. fluid administration to large animals, particularly horses from 2 or 4 containers of IV. fluids.
  • Clear large bore tubing (4.8mm i.d.) and robust connecting components used throughout.


All insertion spikes are long and sharp pointed with filtered vent caps and come complete with pre-threaded black reusable/adjustable plastic ties for attaching to appropriate slot/holes in port flaps of IV. fluid bags to give greater security.

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Long single-vented spikes – For ease of insertion and high-volume fluid flow. There are pre-threaded black reusable/adjustable plastic ties – these attach to appropriate slot/holes in the IV. fluid bags to give greater security.

HB06624 Four Spike LA Set

The spikes are attached to different lengths of large bore tubing. In the 4 Spike set there is an additional delivery arm assembly attached by a ‘Y’ connector, a repeat of the 2 Spike model. The differences in tube lengths allowing for 2 or 4 IV fluid containers to be linked together and positioned in a cascade formation.

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Below either the 2 Spike or 4 Spike delivery assemblies is a unique ‘free rotating pivot connector’ positioned 3cm above the 100 ml graduated, burette style drip chamber, that allows the drip chamber and remainder of the IV set to rotate freely below the fluid delivery containers. This provides for easy viewing and operation of the drip chamber as well as reducing twisting of the lines. It also makes unravelling the line a lot easier should it occur.

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The large clear, 100ml graduated, drip chamber has a recessed ‘injection site’ and a capped bacterial filter air inlet vent on top. Inside, the large bore drip spout is capable of handling a high ‘drip count’ fluid flow rate. There is a plastic ‘float’ disc which drops to bottom of chamber when empty, as a seal, preventing pull through of air by the dropping flow of fluid in the emptying pathway tubing below.

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Connected below the drip chamber is a ‘spiral’ of 65cm of the highest quality polyurethane tubing, crystal-clear, inbuilt permanent memory with gentle extension and recover spring action (250cm lightly extended, 300cm stretched). Immediately below this spiral tube is a large blue C-Clamp to shut off flow and a sturdy easy grip (raised ribbed head) screw clamp flow rate adjuster, positioned just above a pliable tubing joint at the end of the spiral. From this joint 30cm tubing connects on to a ‘Y’ style latex free injection port. Also on this section of tube is the handy 'mane grip' tie assembly.

Priming cap

Finally the set terminates with a 15cm run of tubing with a rotating male luer lock and filtered end cap, that allows the set to be charged steadily without spill with the end cap in place.

HB06640 LA Extension

There is the option of attaching the Aniset™ L/A Extension which assists in connecting and disconnecting the 2 or 4 spike sets. It helps avoid disturbing the position or accidentally pulling out the indwelling cannula.

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