Aniset™ Foal

For the administration of fluids and medication to animals during recovery from dehydration, illness, injury, surgical procedure, exhaustive events, inspection and birth.

Features / Diagram

  1. Hassle free, easy prime 15dpm Millpledge standard drip chamber incorporates our long super sharp spike with 3 vents (2 for fluid and 1 for air) to provide for the smooth and fast transition of fluids from either bag or bottle, made possible when you use the our ergonomically designed flip cap air vent with its in-built bacteria filter.

    The spike is mounted onto the popular easy to squeeze crystal-clear filtered drip chamber.

    The drip chamber incorporates the 'Ani-Chamber Tag™', a unique drip chamber tie for securing the spike and drip chamber into the base of the bag or bottle to prevent it being ‘pulled out’.
  2. Directly below the chamber is the 360° in line, low friction swivel assembly for free patient movement without (under most circumstances) the need for additional rotating ceiling devices.
  3. Then follows Millpledge’s own AniMill™precise V-Bed Roller Clamp for exacting fluid flow, with the positive click-in ‘excess’ or ‘hang it up’ tube parking slot. This is ideal for use during preparation following set priming prior to connecting to the accessory or device at the distal end of the IV set, keeping the distal end free from possible contaminants.
  4. Our versatile and strong AniSet R-Clamp with two tension positions for immediate ‘On/Off’ control of fluids.
  5. Two Millpledge manufactured ‘Safety Ring’ injection sites with silicon injection plugs. Both have Millpledge’s unique outer safety protector ring which helps avoid needle stick injuries.

    5a. Proximal with Finger Guard Plate
    5b. Distal.
  6. Over 10’ 2” (3.1m) of Aniset Anti-Kink® flexible coiled tubing together with the straight connecting lengths provides a generous 12’ 6” (3.81m) total reach.
  7. The Ani-Which-Way Mane Tie – our latest design of mane tie! Soft but strong PVC accurately die-cut and shaped providing, as it suggests: Ani-Which-Way bespoke mane tie assembly for securing the distal end of the IV set close to the catheter hub to reduce the risk of catheter kinking and displacement and unexpected withdrawal. Our tie offers the widest variety of fixing positions to suit the variety of animal patients; all ensure uninterrupted line flow and total security once in situ.

    Every pack includes full instructions and a variety of options to suit your preferred securing method.
  8. Luer Lock fitting for a secure connection of an Aniset extension, Aniset T-connector or Anicath L/A catheter.
  9. Aniset® Fluid priming cap completes the line, which allows the set to fill automatically without the removal of the end cap. Expels all the air but none of the fluid. Prevents wasted medication, maintaining a clean and dry preparation area.
Ani Set Foal Diagram

Anti-Kink IV Administration Set for Foals, Calves and other species

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the components and read through the instructions before use. See diagram.

Prime the ANISET FOAL™ IV. Administration Set as follows:Note: Venipuncture must be completed prior to attachment of the ANISET ‘Foal’™ to ANICATH L/A™ Catheter, an ANISET- L/A - IV. Extension Tube™ or an Aniset Standard flow Extension.

Before connecting the ANISET Foal™ I.V. Administration Set to an IV. Fluid bag / bottle follow instructions below.1) When using a collapsible fluid container ensure the cap of the bacterial filter AIR INLET VENT on the Spike above the Drip Chamber is firmly closed. If Using a NON-Collapsible container the bacterial filter Air Inlet Vent should be OPEN. 2) Ensure the roller clamp is Fully OPEN and CLOSE the blue C-Clamp just below the roller clamp assembly.

How to prime your AniSet ‘Foal’

  1. a) Introduce the long Spike with chamber assembly as normal into the bag or bottle and then position the Ani-Chamber Tag™ and use the ‘releasable’ security tie(s) to lock the spike into position on the bag or bottle neck (when using a bag do take care not to obstruct the flow into the spike), This action ensures in all but extreme cases of force the spike cannot be pulled out of the bag/bottle during administration.

    (See Figure 1 for suggested method).
  2. Gently squeeze the drip chamber to fill to approximately half full.
  3. Open the Blue C-Clamp below the open roller clamp. The Air within the tube will now slowly escape through the blue priming cap at the distal end of the AniSet ‘Foal’ and all tubing should be filled with the IV. fluid. NB. Check carefully for any sections containing trapped air and not fully fluid filled. Re-prime as necessary.
  4. When ready to connect to the indwelling cannula; close the Blue C-Clamp and remove priming cap from the distal end of the giving set and attach the 'spin lock' to the indwelling IV. catheter or to the extension set.
  5. Open the Blue C-Clamp and start to adjust the Drip Rate by operating the roller clamp.


Using the 'ANI-WHICH WAY™' mane tie, which is already attached onto the giving set, gather a small bunch of mane hair near withers, position the mane tie against the hair and then thread the hair through the 'M’s' and secure with the adjustable ties.

OTHER LARGE ANIMALS: Secure final tube length to patients halter/strap or ear tags.

Ani-Which Way™ is a unique securing strap designed by Millpledge allowing you more options and full control when securing and tying. Available free in packs of AniSet Foal, AniSet L/A 2 Spike and 4 Spike along with spares to give you the freedom to use them anywhere and any which way you like!

Components and instructions Aniset

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