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Millpledge Rewards Update

Due to sustainability, we are winding down the Millpledge Reward Points programme.

We are continually improving our environmental impact and there are currently over 5 million reward labels in circulation. This is having a serious effect on our carbon footprint. The current MP Rewards are no longer sustainable due to production and environmental costs. However, we are still offering the loyalty discount which will be seen on your invoice.


Q: Can I still redeem my existing Reward Points for Amazon vouchers using my collection card?
A: Yes, we will honour any collection cards that are submitted.

Q: Can I still download the app?
A: Unfortunately, not, the app has been discontinued and removed from the app stores.

Q: Can I still use the app if it’s already installed?
A: Yes, whilst the app continues to work on your phone, you can use to scan codes and redeem points. Development of the app has stopped, so the app may not work on later versions of your phones operating system. Therefore, we advise you to redeem your points as soon as possible.

Q: The app no longer works on my phone but I have points on my account.
A: Get in touch with us directly and we will redeem the points for you.

Q: I still have Reward Points on the app, what happens to these?
A: You have until 30th June 2024 to redeem your MP Reward Points.

Q: Will I still receive points on my delivery notes?
A: No, we are no longer issuing direct order Reward Points and delivery notes will be sent via email.

Q: Can I request new cards?
A: Yes, prior to 30th June 2024.

Q: Why am I still seeing Millpledge Reward Points on some of your products?
A: This is a phased removal, therefore you are still welcome to collect points whilst you are still receiving them on products.

Q: Why is there still a yellow sticker on Millpledge products without a loyalty point value?
A: The yellow sticker is on the product for traceability purposes and will be phased out in time. The new label can no longer be scanned. (see example below)

Yellow labels
Reward Dalmation 2 June 23

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