Introducing Loxo, the gentle African elephant native to the southern and eastern African regions. Loxo’s name is derived from the Latin term for an African elephant, Loxodonta africana.

Despite being a young elephant, Loxo is already growing and adapting for survival in Africa. His long trunk is one of his key assets, and is capable of storing up to 5.5 litres of water. Loxo will also develop one of his most valuable defence mechanisms when he is 2 years old, a big, strong set of tusks, perfect for gathering food, heavy lifting and, most importantly, protection from common predators, such as lions or hyaenas. In addition to his soon-to-be grand stature, Loxo has an equally great memory! He uses his impressive brain to return to flourishing food sources he has previously visited, sometimes many years ago!

In the elephant world, it’s definitely the women who run the show. In Loxo’s life, it’s no different. Males tend to seek more solitude than a female elephant, who sticks closely to her herd. So, when Loxo reaches the age of sixteen, he will leave his mother and herd, and spend his days with the other male elephants.

Life isn’t easy for Loxo and his friends. Habitat loss, human conflict and poaching of elephant tusks for the illegal ivory trade means that these gentle giants are currently under severe threat of extinction.

Illustration by Tom Levesley

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