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The Millpledge Fluid Therapy book is provided as a guide for use by a veterinary professional.

Providing invaluable references and helpful information to assist the veterinary professional in evaluating fluid loss, undertaking fluid therapy procedures, fluid replacement infusion rates and the equipment available to the veterinary clinician. The Fluid Therapy App also includes a fluid infusion and fluid replacement calculator.

With over 15 chapters in the guide including:

  1. Distribution of body fluid in the Animal patient
  2. Reasons for Fluid Therapy
  3. Routes for Fluid Therapy
  4. Types of Fluid
  5. Placing a marginal ear vein catheter
  6. Monitoring your patient
  7. Placing a cephalic intravenous catheter/cannula
  8. Glossary of terms
  9. Calculating fluid requirements

And many more tips, helpful information, diagrams and images.

This App is also available to the veterinary professional in paper format, visit our web site www.millpledge.com to apply for your paper copy.

We also have available The Guide to Animal Bandaging or Bandage Book which offers veterinary professionals up to date information on animal bandaging techniques.

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