National Walk Your Dog Month - January 2021

Taking your dog for a walk is one of the most enjoyable aspects of having a dog. It keeps both of you fit while helping to create that lifelong bond. January, however, can be tough as those cold winds hit, it's tempting to shorten or delay the walks. The January blues often get to us in regular times, but with the latest UK national restrictions coming into place from the 5th January, staying active and keeping mentally well is as important as ever.

Exercise has consistently been promoted throughout the pandemic, so for you dog owners out there, including your pooch in your exercise regime is a great way to keep both you and your dog fit, healthy and happy. Remember to stay within the government guidelines before heading out, here you can find the latest UK guidance.

Here are four reasons why you should consider embracing the January air during National Walk Your Dog Month:

Mental Wellbeing

Fresh air, a change of scenery and exercise will do wonders for you and your dog's mental wellbeing. Exercise releases endorphins and gives us that 'good feeling' that keeps us feeling happy, and likewise for your dog - there's nothing they like more than a good sniff around in the leaves and mud!

Physical Wellbeing

Coming out of the Christmas lull, you and even your dog may likely have gained a few extra pounds. Keeping both of you in shape will contribute to a healthier, happier and longer life. In fact, according to a survey of veterinary professionals in 2018 by the PFMA, vets confirmed that 51% of dogs are classed as overweight or obese.

A Change of Scenery

While staying within the boundaries of government guidance, it's a great opportunity to try a different dog walk. Go that little bit further with your dog, try to vary the dog walks up and if you're lucky enough to have fields and the wooded area nearby, you may find a whole host of different routes to venture down.


Socialising has been quite scarce lately, particularly for your dog as visitors to our homes have been non-existent. So, while adhering to the 2-meter rule, going on a dog walk is a great opportunity to meet other dog walkers and to allow your dog to socialise too.

So let's make January a positive one and get the dog lead and walking boots at the ready!

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