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February is Pet Dental Health Month, and to celebrate, we're giving away MAXIGUARD® Wipes and MAXIGUARD® Gel to 3 lucky winners.

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More about Maxiguard...

MAXI/GUARD® range of dental products are suitable for all species; The whole range can be used for routine dental care and for oral hygiene, addressing such conditions as Halitosis. MAXI/GUARD® can also be used to help pets undergoing dental extractions or to help reptiles with an oral condition, such as Stomatitis. MAXI/GUARD® contains Zinc in a hydrogel form and the pH7 increases the bioavailability, ensuring it penetrates plaque and adheres to the gum line. Whilst brushing the teeth with MAXI/GUARD® will improve the efficacy, it is not necessary, making MAXI/GUARD® ideal for those more challenging patients! MAXI/GUARD® is also presented in a cleansing wipe version, as well as in gel form.

We will be in contact with the lucky winners by phone or email. The competition ends on 28th February 2022.

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