MP Rewards

If my Amazon gift card expires can I exchange it?

Unfortunately not, but you do have 10 years to redeem it.

So, can I buy more Millpledge products with my reward points?

Yes, your points can be redeemed and converted as a credit to your account with Millpledge when you order direct.

How do I redeem my MP Reward Points?

If you are using the MP Rewards app, this can be done on the home page by using the redeem points button. If you are using the collection card, return this to: MP REWARD Points • Whinleys Estate • Clarborough • Retford • Notts DN22 9NA

How long do the Amazon gift cards last?

Amazon gift cards expire ten years from the date of issuance. We recommend you visit the Amazon website for the latest terms & conditions.

How do I collect MP Reward Points?:

MP Reward Points can be collected via the MP Rewards app or you can manually stick them into a collection card. Visit our MP Reward section to find out more or call FREEPHONE 08000 11 22 88.

What do I get when I redeem MP Reward Points?

You can exchange MP Reward Points for eGift cards to spend at Amazon. Alternatively, if you have an account with us, we can credit you the Reward Point value when you order direct from Millpledge.

Which Smartphones are compatible with the MP Rewards App?

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

iOS: Compatible with iPhone 5 and newer.

Android: Google Nexus 5, 5x, Samsung S5+ S6 and other standard Android devices.

I'm having difficulty scanning.

Use the manual entry option and type in the 10-digit barcode, alternatively take a photo of the barcode and email it to accompanied by your App account username.

Can I send in my incomplete collection card as I'd prefer to use the App going forward?

Of course, we'll add all your points to your Account. Download the App and set yourself up with an account, then send the loyalty points card to the freepost address or scan the barcodes yourself already on your card.

Can I earn account credit with my supplier instead of an Amazon eGift Card?

No, rewards are exclusively awarded as Amazon eGift cards.

What is the minimum points total before I can claim my first reward?


How do I get bonus points?

Bonus points are available from our stand/booth at veterinary shows, as well as through various promotions we run throughout the year - so come and see us LIVE! And keep an eye on your Millpledge Product News for bonus point opportunities!

How many points to £1 | $1 USD | $1 CAD | €1?


I ordered a Millpledge product, my supplier did not supply the Millpledge product, how do I claim my loyalty points?

Contact Millpledge using the details in the app, or on our 'contact us' page on our website.

Nothing I scan is registering - please help

Please check the following:

  • The camera lens is clear
  • The barcode is not obstructed
  • The barcode is not creased
  • The barcode is intact
  • It is a Millpledge product

Can I transfer my points to another practice?

No. The points claimed by a veterinary practice remain in the account of that practice until they are exchanged for one of the rewards.

Where can I find my practice’s current points total?

This information is available on the ‘Review Points’ page of the app.

How do I add a colleague to my account, so they can scan the Millpledge items on behalf of the practice?

A new member of the veterinary practice can be added to the list of users able to scan and collection MP Rewards Points by navigating to the ‘Account’ page from the home screen of the MP Rewards App and selecting ‘Modify User List’ and filling out the short form. Only the ADMIN User is able to add new users.

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